Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 60 - Elder Would Do

Recife, Brazil Temple 

Hello All! Happy Pi day! I will try to eat something similar to pie today.

This week was super great!

On Tuesday we went to the President's house super early. We got there about an hour early, so we decided to have a little personal study in the Temple garden. So awesome to just zone out the world!

Then we headed over to President's house. We got to eat waffles and monkey bread! The monkey bread made me think of Josh and his love for monkey bread haha. But it was so good. We had a training session with President Bigelow, who was great as always.  Then we hit up Burger King and finally we got to go to the temple!! I was super happy.  Not only that, but Tawã came and met up with us there!  It was awesome to see Tawãthere and go through the temple with him. He made me a sick new journal which is perfect because I just finished one.

After going to the temple, we went to get our companions! My new companion is Elder Faria! In English this means "would do." Everyone jokes around with his name, but he doesn’t mind. He is from Curitiba, so I will be training another Elder from the Paraná! woohoo! I guess I will have to visit there someday. We got some açai (yum) and then headed to our areas. I was super happy because Elder Faria doesn’t have a ton of luggage lol. 

We had a pretty chill week. Adriana was confirmed and she is doing great! We had a rad noite familiar last night with the ward. The football player in our ward let me try on his equipment. It was super weird to see football pads in Brazil. 

We are definitely seeing where we can improve in our area and Elder Faria doesn’t have a ton of fear to talk or teach to people. He is just a little quiet, but that will not stop him!

Have a great week :)

Elder Waters