Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 61 - Pop Tarts

Hello everyone!

This week went by extremely fast and I do not believe it is already p-day! The more time I have on the mission, the more time flies by! I only have 10 months left and it scares me. #never #want #to #leave #Brasil.

This week we finally got into contact with our investigator.  He is still trying to stop smoking.  He took medicine for 45 days to quit smoking, but it didn't help too much. So, his doctor told him he needs to do another 45 days with a lot more force. His treatment unfortunately is in João Pessoa (which is in the state above us). He has to take a taxi to get there and stay with his brother and then return by taxi. So it costs a bunch. This time he decided he will just stay up there for the 45 days. That means we won’t get to teach him till he returns. BUT he said he will find the church there and the missionaries to continue on his path! He said that Christ walked a ton to be baptized and so he will do the same! He told us that he won’t give up. He was super sad that he is having trouble still because of the decision he made 50 years ago to start smoking.

We are getting super excited about conference and with Easter. Everyone needs to go visit if you haven't already. The video is awesome! I cannot believe a year ago I was in New York celebrating Easter and watching conference with Elder Ricks! Time flies.

This week I have felt again and again so grateful for my mission. I can see how much I have grown and learned. I know that I am here solely to help others. I have felt the Spirit so strong here and I stopped one night and thought to myself "how can I love these people so much when I barely even know them." I know it is Heavenly Father giving me a peek of the love He feels for His children.

I was super happy to receive the Valentine’s Day package from mom and dad that got here a little bit more than a month after Valentine's Day hahaha. I didn’t have time to take photos so I just have one this week. We don’t have toasters here so I just used a sanduicheira (Panini maker) to heat up the pop tarts mom sent!

Love you all! Read your scriptures

Elder Waters