Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 65 - Transferências e Batismo de Silene

Hello everyone!

This week was awesome!

To start, on Friday we got the opportunity to go downtown to the Prefeitura of Recife because the government of Pernambuco gave a big thank you to the Church and "Helping Hands."

As missionaries, we got to sing "Que Manhã Maravilhosa" and "Povos da Terra, Vinde Escutai." It went super well!! The Spirit was so strong and even the guy that was leading the session from the government said he felt chills. It was filmed by the Globo, which is one of the newscasts here. So maybe I was on TV! But idk because I can’t watch television #mishprobs.

Silene was baptized! This week everything went great.  She had super bad headaches, but we gave her a blessing and it passed that night.  Her son Thomas Jeferson baptized her. It was super cool. After she rose from the water, they stood for a few minutes just hugging and she started to cry a ton. I was so so happy that Thomas was able to have that moment before he leaves this week for his own mission in São Paulo. I guess he can tell the other missionaries in the MTC that he was able to baptize this month already!

Today was transfers! I was expecting to stay and finish Elder Faria's training, but I was transferred.  My new area is Coqueiral which is actually exactly next to Lagoa Encantada (my last area). Coqueiral means coconut tree. I know you are thinking coconuts grow on palm trees... but actually they are two different trees! A palm tree in Portuguese is a palmeira.

I am now serving with Elder Villamar who is from Ecuador! He recieved a call from President Bigelow this morning informing him about the earthquake that took place in Ecuador. He is looking at his email right now and he hasn't received anything from his family yet. Please pray for everyone in Ecuador!!

Love you all!
Elder Waters