Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 66 - Primeira Semana em Coqueiral

Hello everyone!!

This week was a blast in my new area.

We are working with the Branch Coqueiral. We meet in a nice capela.  I am excited about not being in a galpão anymore! Our area is pretty big and it is a little more interior and rural. We went to the Moreno district meeting this week and on our bus ride we got to see more nature and open space. It was sweet! I really enjoyed being a little bit farther from the city.

Our house is huge. We have two bathrooms, so I get my own bathroom! woohoo. I feel like we have so much space but nothing to do with it.  We just have our beds and desks and our guarda roupa. It gives us lots of space to do exercises I guess. We have termites in our doors and they sound like someone is scratching the wood door at night.

Two meninos were baptized last week named Gleison and Cleiton. They were confirmed yesterday.  Their mom abandoned them and their older sisters, and went to live in the interior somewhere. They never knew their father. Now they are living with their older sister, but they basically just stay in the streets.  They only have 11 and 9 years and they go out looking for people to pay them to do odd jobs like cleaning and pulling weeds, etc. The church is helping them a lot and they want to serve missions. 
We are also teaching a family that is super ready for baptism. The parents are getting ready to get married.  I am super excited because I have wanted to see a marriage so bad on my mission!!

I got to give a talk about why we need to read the scriptures. I really feel like I have gained a strong testimony of the scriptures.  I can say that I value the scriptures so much more than a few years ago. I have come to realize how much there is to study and how little time I have left here!

I hope you all have a great week! My companion from Ecuador is doing well.  His family lives way south of where the earthquake happened. He has family that lives close but he said only a wall of one of his uncle's broke down.

Elder Waters