Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Week 91 - Felicidade

Hello everyone,

I am missing my hair. But taking showers this week has been very efficient.

Yesterday was a holiday so we get to email today. Yesterday we went to Alto da Sé in Olinda with the assistants and it was the bomb.

This week we had ward conference. So with that the ward did a family home evening night and a movie night during the week. During the movie night, they played "Juntos para Sempre." This was a very 80s church film with some rocking clothing and haircuts. The movie was perfect for our investigators who went. One family that went is literally amazing. I love them so much. They are an eternal family in perspective. They loved the movie and are so excited to learn about the Plan of Salvation.

Also this week we received a phone call from the secretaries with a referral of a man named João Paulo. We decided to go and contact him that minute. When we got there, he greeted us and welcomed us in. We started to teach him and while we were teaching about prophets he says "yeah it seems like there was a silence for many years between Malachi until John the Baptist and Christ came around. But I feel like God has left the world in silence since Jesus came. I don't understand why God wouldn't call another prophet." We were like super stoked and said "HE DID!"  Then we started explaining about the apostasy and the restoration of the Gospel - How Christ restored the true Church through Joseph Smith and that President Monson is the prophet today. I have never seen someone smile so much during a lesson. We asked him how he was feeling to know that God had once again called a prophet - he said "I feel so happy! I have always pondered this. It is amazing because to be honest... I didn't want you guys to come and visit my home, but now I am so joyful that you did." It was amazing to encounter such an elect person like João Paulo.

During Sacrament meeting, Claudineide (our recent-convert) leans over and whispers "this is literally the best meeting of all the church meetings every week. I think that sacrament meeting should be way longer than it is!" It was so cool to hear that. I think that we take the Sacrament meeting for granted. I know that for me in so many ways before the mission, Sacrament meeting became a kind of routine thing. But I know it shouldn't be that way. I love partaking of the sacrament and knowing that I have at least improved one thing that week, if not more. And knowing that I can be clean of my sins.

I love you all. I love this work so much.

Elder Waters