Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Week 92 - Plano de Salvação

This week had a ton of miracles. And sadly I don’t have time to count them all!

I feel like this week was pretty centered on the plan of salvation. We taught two different families about the plan of happiness and wow they just loved it so much. One couple we taught asked about life after death. We explained lots - from the spirit world to the Celestial kingdom. And the wife says, "wow, I have gone to so many different churches and they have never ever clarified exactly what will happen in the next life. I feel so at peace now."

The other family felt at peace too - such happiness in their eyes to learn about God's plan for us. It really strengthened my testimony of eternal families. 

This week we also had an awesome experience challenging a family to keep the Sabbath day holy. Their names are Edson, Fernanda, Letícia, Lucas, and Kawã. Edson and Fernanda sell gas and water tanks on Sundays. So they have had a hard time getting to church.  We taught them about the purposes and blessings of the Sabbath and invited them to keep it holy. Edson looks at Elder Gasparelo and says, "do you testify that it is true?" and Elder Gasparelo said yes. Then he looks at me and says the same question and I said louder "I TESTIFY!" and then he said, "then we are going to close on Sundays and go to church!"

We have lots of investigators who are progressing so much and it is so exciting to be a missionary. I love it so much. The Lord is blessing our area in so many ways! We are asking a ton of the members to help because the investigators progress even more rapidly with the help of the members.  I love this mission. I love Jesus. I love you all.

Elder Waters